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1986 VF 500

VF 500



About the Interceptor

I purchased this bike in June 2000. I am the proud owner of a 1986 Honda VF500 Interceptor. I found this bike locally, and it was in really great shape when I bought it. All great except for the seat and the bike had been tipped over at one point. The right mirror was cracked, the front brake lever was bent really bad,and the original lower cowling was cracked. The original seat had, a hole in it, was faded badly, was sticky, and hard as a rock. After buying the bike, I really needed to get a new seat cover. In the process, I ended up making a few other upgrades. I never took a picture of the bike before I added all of the aftermarket items, but, oh well.

The 'ceptor is pretty much in mint condition, or as close to it as I could get it. The paint is not faded, and there are no major scratches. The bike runs GREAT! As far as I can tell, it pretty much has all of the power that it had when it was brand new. I have not gone to top end with it however, so I am unsure of the top speed. I took my RZ 350 to 120mph ONCE, and I felt that once was enough. I am crazy, but I am not an idiot.










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