Thunder Duck

1996 Ford Thunderbird




A little about the bird.

In 1997, I found this 96 with the 4.6L V8 at a dealer in Iowa and got a really good deal, only 13000 miles on it...really good trade.

Currently I have only 67000 miles on it. The only engine mod I have done right after I got the car was adding a K&N cone filter.

In 2005, I started to customize the interior by replacing the black dash panels with red and adding white gauge faces. In August 2005, I replaced the cloth rear seat with a black fold down leather seat. The wheels were added during the summer of 2005 as well as the clear corners.


Why a Thunderbird?

I like the look and love the comfort.

This is my third Thunderbird. I was lucky enough to have purchased a low milage 1984 T-Bird in 1987. I loved the body style at that time. The 84 went to hell and back and served me well until it fell to the dreaded head gasket problems that the 3.8L is well known for. In 1992, rather than dump money in to the engine, I traded the 1984 for a 1990, again low milage. The 90 was a much more refined car than the 84 and I was hooked. It was sometime after the 90 hit the 130k mark that the 3.8L head gasket problem reared it's ugly head again. Having enough of that 3.8L V6 crap, I traded the 90 for the 1996 pictured above, again with very low milage with a nice 4.6L V8.


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